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Way to natural, toxin free life with Longpi Black Pottery - IndicHues

Way to natural, toxin free life with Longpi Black Pottery

On my maiden visit to Eastern part of India, i wondered why i took so many years to explore this part of an Incredible India. But i was glad that i came here, shunning so many inhibitions. Enchanted by nature's delight, my eyes were eagerly looking to find the hidden jewels of this land. And i think i have found some of them.
The moment i laid my eyes on this beautiful Longpi Black Pottery kettle, i was sure that it was going to be an integral part of IndicHues collection. There was an urge to know more about this unique, rare art form. I have always been a great admirer of Jaipur Blue Pottery, but this was something so new to me. And i desperately wanted to share it with you all as i was so intrigued by it.
There is a beautiful mythological story which reveals how this art originated. It is believed that Goddess Panthobi (also known as Annapurna or Parvati) fed the whole world along with her consort Shiva, who was begging for food on account of a whim created by her. To overcome this situation, goddess Annapurna created a bowl which would provide endless food and it is believed that the bowl was made up of serpentine stone which is the base material for Longpi Pottery.
Ahh, even the GOD is not spared from the whims and fancies of his beloved wife :)
This Black pottery of Manipur is known as Longpi Pottery or Longpi Ham or Royal pottery. The name Longpi is derived from the village Longpi of Manipur, where this art form is still practiced.
This pottery is not only a part of domestic use but also for the ritualistic purpose, owing to its linkage with the Goddess Panthobi. It holds a special place during childbirth or marriage ceremony.
I learnt that this pottery is made using a special rock known as Serpentine rock along with the Weathered rock. They are mixed in some fixed ratio to get a clay like consistency using water . Uniqueness of this pottery is that it is not made using a potter's wheel. Each and every item is moulded by hands and tools.
Heated in the kiln for hours at a very high temperature of 900 degree celcius. Once taken out, these pots are rubbed with the leaves of Chiron Na, which results in the lustrous black sheen of this pottery.
By now you've learnt that these products are completely natural, devoid of any chemicals and they hold many benefits.
  • The rocks contain naturally-occurring iron. When we cook food in these pots, the heat infuses our food with the iron.
  • These pots are made out of stone & so the food sizzles for a long time even after the pot is taken off the stove. This means meals are kept warm for longer, so goodbye to re-heating.
  • These pots are actually microwave-friendly! Isn’t that unbelievable? The artisans heat the completed pots to 900 degrees centigrade to toughen them and prepare them for direct use on stoves and microwaves.
  • We can simmer food in these pots for hours, but the food won’t burn. Now cooking lentils in these pots is what i am thing about.
  • If there is a pregnant woman at home, give her food cooked in stone pottery dishes. She won’t suffer morning sickness anymore. It’s probably got something to do with the iron content.
  • Cook meat in these pots, and one no longer has to worry about bacteria in the meat causing sickness. The pots take care of that.
Spellbound and ideal to use products are churned out by these artisans. Be it like Coffee mugs, kettles, platters, pots, plates or wok(karahi). So it's time to give new makeover to your kitchen. But more importantly, time to lessen few toxins from our daily life by using these pots for daily cooking.
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