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Get 10% OFF on Orders Above 1499 & Free Shipping | Code "CRAFT'
Get 10% OFF on Orders Above 1499 & Free Shipping | Code "CRAFT'

About Us

The word "IndicHues" is an amalgamation of two words - "Indic" pertains to India, its people and culture and "Hues" means colors. So join us to explore the colors of an Incredible India.

Our Mission Statement :- “Unveiling the treasures of Indian heritage and soaking you in the hues of bygone era of Indian art and craftsmanship

The journey has just begun with the thought of fetching those gems which are loosing their sheen in the far off places of our beautiful country. With the arduous efforts and immense intricacy, our kaarigars (artisans) create the magnificent pieces of art.

Unveiling these gems to the world and a strong desire to connect to our heritage has led to the fabrication of IndicHues.

IndicHues not only provides a platform to exhibit the artisans’ work, but also helps to preserve various art forms that are getting lost due to the lack of their presence in a digital world. That is why, we are committed to promote the work of rural artisans and cottage industries.

Your buying of our handmade products not only helps us in reviving the dying art forms of India but also contribute in generating the employment for our artisans and their family members.

We thank all our dear customers for joining our strong community of craftsmen who are helping us in our mission of unveiling the treasures of Indian heritage. With IndicHues, you can view and place an order for various authentic handicrafts of different states of India. So let’s break these geographical confinements and rediscover India with IndicHues.

We have partnered with the reputed logistic partners to deliver your order to your doorstep in the most seamless way to make it a memorable experience for you. Happy customer is what we long to have. 

Pleasure to announce our founder is certified by Cherie Blair Foundation For Women Entrepreneurs  #cherieblairfndn

This organization is launched by Cherie Blair ( wife of Ex Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair) to mentor the women entrepreneurs.

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