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Get 10% OFF on Orders Above 1499 & Free Shipping | Code "CRAFT'
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Talking threads

The cool gentle breeze of an evening when caresses your cheeks during a stroll, it makes you cherish the onset of autumn. The verdant landscape now wears a completely different look, with the leaves adorning the crimson hues.

The water of Dal lake is glistening with the setting sun rays. And as you walk silently, mesmerized by the beauty around you, your heart longs to get lost in these snow clad mountains till eternity.

And then reality dawn on you and reminds you that birds have to go back to their nests finally, no matter how far they have gone.

But at the same time, you yearn to wrap all the colors of this majestic land in the form of a souvenir. Thus, to satiate your desire, you finally decide to pick breath taking hand embroidered crewel work rug, which is going to be a part of your heirloom collection.

The Crewel Embroidery has rich history of thousands of years and it still has its dominance across the world. During the 17th century in England, a very revered form of Crewel Embroidery known as the Jacobean Embroidery, gained its immense popularity. The grandeur of Jacobean crewel embroidery patterns, is hard to describe in words.

Embroidery done with crewel stitches gives birth to numerous crewel patterns which can leave you in its awe. This Embroidery is done using a hook called as Aari and 1 ply or 2 ply wool yarn is used for embroidery patterns. But for some high end work, the silk thread is also used for embroidery. The base fabric is generally thick cotton canvas but even linen, velvet and organza is also used as a fabric material.

Another interesting detail about this crewel embroidery is that it covers the base of the fabric completely. While on the other hand, the chain stitch embroidery reflects the white base, which can be seen in crewel embroidered curtains and crewel upholstery fabric. The other commonly used household items created using this embroidery are bedspreads, table runners, cushion covers, rugs etc.

Let IndicHues send you the colours of valley through these hand embroidered pieces.

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