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The journey has just begun with the thought of fetching those gems which are loosing their sheen in the far off places of our beautiful country.With the arduous efforts and immense intricacy, our kaarigars(artisans) create the magnificent pieces of art.

To unveil these gems to the world and in a desire to connect to our heritage, has led to the fabrication of IndicHues.

The word "IndicHues" is actually an amalgamation of two words - "Indic" pertains to India, its people  and culture and "Hues" means colors. So join us to explore the colors of an Incredible India.

IndicHues not only provides a platform to exhibit the artisan’s work, but also helps in preserving various art forms that are getting extinct due to lack of opportunities to reach market or unable to get buyers in their respective regions. We promote the work of rural artisans and cottage industries.

With IndicHues, you can view and place an order for various authentic handicrafts of different states of India.

So lets break these geographical confinements and rediscover India with IndicHues.

We have tied up with FedEx and Indian Postal Service to deliver your order at your doorstep in the most seamless way. Because we want to make it a memorable experience for you. Happy customer is what we long to have.

We are also on Amazon (India) now :)
Because of your so much of love and appreciation, very soon we will be moving to the International market.

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